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Anonymous asked:

did something happen?

I slept wrong on my neck and it’s so bad I can’t move and have a hard time swallowing.
The topical pain relief cream burns so bad. And I have a migraine.


aw man i fucked up my skin real bad what can i do to ease the redness bc i think i just burned off a whole layer of skin or smthn

it looks like ive got a sunburn

Just run some cold water over your face. And don’t use the product as a mask again. I use a charcoal based cleanser and it’s super gentle but works miracles. Maybe try that. I think it’s clearasil.



Oi, its Levi Heichou here.


Yeah, that’s right. Ever heard of me, shitty brats?


Whether you have, or haven’t that doesn’t matter. I’m here to debunk the quite frankly, stupid shit that Sjws and anti-truscum say.

Have an concerns about what I say? Tell it to my inbox, I’ll give you a logical response, that is if your question is logical in the first place.

imageAlright then, let us dance… -Mod Levi

so you tryna buy some green or nah??


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